Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogging the biz

Even though it feels like blogging is giving way to microblogging and status updates are the new blog posts, there's still a need for long-format writing, and blogging is still an awesome way to publish.

I am seven weeks into being a brick-and-mortar store owner and entrepreneur, and having a blog go along with the business is a natural choice for me. This will be my third blog, the most recent being ChaChing - a life skills and frugality site for urban folks feeling the pinch of the recession or just wanting tips on how to be less wasteful and enjoy city life without spending boatloads of money.

Now I'm focused on making this business successful in the midst of world economies crashing, because I believe entrepreneurship is more important than ever.

This blog will be about the business and the insanely volatile path of an entrepreneur, but I also want to explore why massage is an important preventative health investment for many people. It enables me to have a conversation with you, my customers and potential customers, and to continue to work toward my goals of demystifying massage, making it more accessible, cooler, and creating a space that is restful, rejuvenating, and quality-of-life-improving in the middle of this crazy city.

So welcome to Hands On and I hope to see you at Lunar Massage soon!