Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Survey results!

I can't believe Lunar Massage just passed its three month anniversary. It feels like we've been open much longer than that! But at least I finally have enough data to start seeing some trends and getting some important numbers from which I can improve what we do.

But in addition to gathering internal metrics, I sent out a quick survey in my latest newsletter and asked some basic questions of my clients on how we're doing. I got a 31% response rate which is higher than I expected!

Here are some highlights:

Rate your Lunar Massage experience:

1. Customer Service - 100% terrific or life-changing
2. Massage quality - 63% terrific or life-changing, 37% meh

Would you return to Lunar Massage next time you want or need a massage?
66% yes, 31% maybe

Reason you haven't gotten a massage more often - 80% PRICE

Would you tell your friends about Lunar Massage? 91% YES

Primary reason for getting a massage - 53% STRESS, 44% PAIN, 26% relaxation
I expected that price would be the reason people usually don't get massages more often. Next time I will ask if you consider Lunar's prices more affordable so that you to experience massage more often. That's what I'm trying to achieve!

I'm also not surprised that only 26% say they get a massage for relaxation purposes. I tell people all the time MASSAGE IS NOT JUST A LUXURY. It should be available in simpler forms that enable people to experience it without the accompanying froo-froo of a luxury experience. That's why I started Lunar Massage.

Looks like we need to work on massage quality, or do a better job of explaining the limitations of what we do, or both. I find that people experienced in massage and comfortable with traditional forms are less happy with our product, but I'm trying to reach those who are new to massage or are not as experienced - a much bigger portion of the population. Even for those experienced I want them to see this is a different product than traditional massage. Still working this out.

Thanks to everyone who participated! I'm going to share the results with my therapists and will post separately about the changes we implement.