Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hands On: Desk Job

[Every month I highlight an activity or health issue that massage addresses.]

The vast majority of clients that come to Lunar work long hours at desk jobs and suffer the resulting tension and pain in their shoulders, neck, and back. Because massage seems like a luxury bundled in the spa experience, we often don't think of experiencing it until we're in pain or someone gives us a gift card for a massage. But massage is no longer locked behind a wall of luxury.

Lunar provides a unique service for busy professionals in DC – an affordable way to experience massage to increase your quality of life and to help make those long hours at the office more bearable. We even offer the one-of-a-kind “crackberry massage” to focus just on the hands and arms to relieve carpal tunnel or so-called “crackberry thumb” symptoms that can also accompany a typical DC job.

And since that job probably has something to do with saving the world or shaping policy in the midst of this economic crisis, you deserve the personal attention! A 20 minute massage here is about the price of the dinner and drinks you grab at the end of another 12 hour day ($26). So come by and see us – your body will thank you.

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